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Thank-you for signing up to The Reluctant Illustrator. I hope you did that reluctantly?

The Reluctant Illustrator is a place where I'll be posting  drawings, musings and reflections. It will always be a work in progress, an evolving, shifting, liminal space, for both of us to explore, somewhere out here in the ether.

It will meander and change and will  include you and drawings and sketches from my encounters and things I have bumped into – a messy, sporadic, random collection of posts and sketches, that may or may not have any influence whatsoever. Emergent patterns may or may not evolve.

As I figure out how, I will include inspired sightings drawn from circles of conversations with you,  memberships, shares from my other projects, and yes - merch!

I'm still getting the feel of this tin can. No worries though, I do have a plan, it goes like this: Fly by the seat of your pants.

Thanks so much for subscribing. Enjoy the ride!

PS: For gmail users, these irregular newsletter posts to you, will end up in your promotions folder - if you prefer you can select an email and tell google its not a promotion, they'll end up in your inbox after that. Merci!

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