vertical panos

vertical panos
look... up.

Could we use a modified image carousel widget - something like this - and have prev/next arrows both above and below the images, to create the following interaction:

Upper arrows load the top of the next/previous pano. Lower arrows load the bottom of the next/previous pano.Image scrolls top to bottom, then bottom to top

Zig-zaggy vertical-pano viewer.

  • Each vertical pano could be a post in a v.pano post template
  • Upper nav arrows navigate to the top of the prev/next image (maintains viewport).
  • Lower nav arrows navigate to the bottom of the prev/next image (maintains viewport).
  • Nav behaviour only applies to vertical panoramas (v.pano post template).
  • Nav functionality for all other images on the site remains unaffected.
  • For Mobile support swipe functionality.

Concept Sketch

(dots in center not required)

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