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Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day!
Discourse among the specks (a speckulation)
love blooms eternal

On a scale of possible temperatures from absolute zero (-270º C) to absolute hot, (140 gazillionº C) the range of human tolerance is minuscule, and the scale of comfort is less than a speck. How tiny a space then for love to manifest and grow... and yet it blooms regularly, even among specks and in the most hostile conditions.

The Extreme Temperatures of the Universe. Source: The Visual Capitalist

Boy, that's hot!

As kids, playing barefoot, we were challenged by getting across the sizzling tarmac. It required the long way around or a calculated dash – speed loping, long strides, tiptoes, then heels – once your feet were off the shade and even part way, you were committed.

Hesitation was doom, returning far worse.

Such a minor range for all our troubles and joys to play out in.


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Happy Valentine's Day!