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( poof )

( poof )

It felt like it came from outer space, from the leftmost of fields, and while it's like a gust of wind -  maybe it was the blow-by of a passing meteorite?

An uprooting this weekend. A dreaded move.

Transitions are hard and the changes don't always feel right or good. This one feels particularly unwelcome even for someone well-versed in reluctance. It feels like a lightning bolt - the flash revealing an intuited landscape in stark detail. Old unknowns surface and new unknowns are revealed.

Poof, and then there's that buzzing sound.

Perhaps it's all as it should be. I abide (reluctantly) and accept that the next few months will just be bumpy, and after that, a landing that feels slippery and elusive. I'm looking at the horizon and seeing options I didn't entertain before.

What a year it's been for all of us.

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Luckily the unexpected goes both ways.

This also came from left field - it came in the post! Yesterday, I unboxed a lovely gift from the amazing and wonderfully talented Marisa Light! It included a print of one of her ice works.

And an envelope full of lovely things...

the unboxed gift, the richness of its contents displayed

...with an awesome, lovely note that got me out of that version of myself and back into this version of myself. The drawing of the dandelion seemed appropriate as a response.