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it's in the cards

it's in the cards
a disturbance in the field - a growing ripple?

Dear readers... I'm dipping my toe in the murky waters of commerce – it's not quite eCommerce yet, maybe eCommerce adjacent? It's best to enter the fray with a degree of circumspection...

...and a fresh deck!

So what is in the cards?

It's a collection of 36 drawings made over time, to bring a smile and some extra delight – a Smörgåsbord of some of this and a little of that. There's probably a card for any occasion, each with its small slice of whimsy.

'It's in the cards' – what a great expression. Full of promise, confidence and optimism. I'm good to lean into some of that! This drop is a bit of a test in getting merch on this site, as I fiddle (reluctantly) with those machinations. The store is a work in progress (coming down the river in due course ;-) It is emergent – prints, cards, books, merch, cool drops – maybe supporting memberships with conversations, discounts and miscounts if that feels right, and keeps things going.

In the meantime...

36 delightful cards.

a småttering from the Smörgåsbord

You can peruse exactly what is 'in the cards' on the site and order a deck – I'll get it on its way to you – thanks for helping me test these murky waters!

...and there's a discount code for subscribers!
(add this code at the checkout:)
in the cards!

Cards from “Le Jeu de Marseille” by Surrealist, Andre Breton, 1943. Locks (black) for knowledge, Wheels (red) for revolution, Stars (black) for dreams and Flames (red) for love and desire. Source: Barney Townshend.

As always, thanks for reading and indulging!
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