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a little dream.

I found myself waiting to turn left at a familiar intersection a block away, I was in the wrong lane and I couldn't see very well behind me through the fogged windows. I hoped for the best and took the turn – and as I crossed I was magically on a bike pedalling happily through the streets of an unknown Italian city, a maze of curves and intersections, yellow cobblestones, little shops and a bar here and there - not a straight line in sight. I meandered about gleefully. At some point, I felt I was forgetting something and it would be best for me to head back. I had no idea where I was though, nor how to get back. I picked a general direction as the crow flies, found an uphill straight, pedalled furiously and enjoyed the push.

As I reached the top, I flew through some large doors and entered a courthouse of giant fascist architecture with huge steps going down and off to the right - this turned out to be the seating for a public trial that was taking place. The trial had stalled because the defendant didn't speak Italian - only a Calabrian dialect. Everyone was arguing at the same time. I picked my way down the steps (the bike had vanished) I navigated past three young men, who wanted to embroil me in an altercation and kept walking.

My progress was interrupted by a colourfully dressed character singing loudly while flying down a hill on a sort of tricycle. It was being pulled along by a large pack of assorted dogs, wildly bounding ahead, tongues-out, full-tilt, pell-mell, barking-joyful. All were having a blast. As they flew past me, their leashes became hopelessly entangled in some low bushes and the whole entourage came to a grinding halt right in front of me. I stopped too and tried to help untangle the tangle – which was now, somehow knee-deep underwater...

As boundaries slip away.

As boundaries slip away, portals to other universes open up...

When Arooj Aftab, Vijay Iyer, and Shahzad Ismaily first shared a stage together in New York in 2018, it became unclear who was leading whom, or even where one musician ended and the next began: “We were like a school of fish,” Aftab marveled...
Pitchfork, February 24, 2023, Philip Sherburne.

Here are their otherworldly sounds with a transmogrifying visualization.  

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a dreamy visualization

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