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what's this?

what's this?

It's the Alphabet Superset...

In a nutshell...

I've thrown my hat in the ring with the Alphabet Superset challenge, launched by Struthless. In support of my fascination with the Abecedarium – over the next few months, I'll be penning letters and drawings of foods from around the world. An Alphabet Superset of Food from Everywhere. Here are the given parameters:

Make something every week for 26 weeks.
Topic of your choice, each starting with a different letter of the alphabet.
Medium, style, output size, and theme remain fixed.

I'll source recipes and stories in a virtual journey in search of far-flung foods and cross-cultural stories and observations, perhaps some maps for context... a bit of history or some background or a poem or a song... who knows – wherever the wind blows us!

  • A for Akni
  • B for Baba Ghanoush
  • C for...
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