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S is for Saffron

50 Shades of Saffron?

S is for Tahchin

Tahchin or Tahdig is an upside-down saffron rice dish - crispy on the bottom, fluffy inside.

...or Tahdig

Chelo Ba Tahdig

A Persian cook’s reputation rests first and foremost on his or her ability to turn out the perfect pot of fluffy rice and tahdig (pronounced “tah DEEG”).  Tahdig literally means the bottom of the pot.  The most common type of tahdig is made with rice (using bread or potatoes is popular as well).  The crispy, golden fried rice, nestled at the bottom of the pot – and the most coveted dish at the table.
The Bottom of the Pot – Naz Deravian.

The bottom of the pot is clearly a special place, unlike the bottom of the well... or perhaps that's a special place too, in a different way. Growing up, the bottom of the pot of Akni (Pilau) was also a coveted delicacy - not burnt, but almost. My father would go nuts for that – and would wait patiently to gain access.

S is for $affron

One crocus flower yields 3 stigmas... the math isn't great. Saffron is the most expensive spice on the planet.

The high retail value of saffron is maintained on world markets because of labour-intensive harvesting methods, which require some 440,000 hand-picked saffron stigmas per kilogram (200,000 stigmas/lb) – equivalently, 150,000 crocus flowers per kilogram (70,000 flowers/lb). Forty hours of labour are needed to pick 150,000 flowers.
Wikipedia - Saffron

...and S is for Mellow Yellow (I'm just mad about Saffron)

This was a cult hit by Donovan – in the 60's. Mellow Yellow was one of many euphemisms for LSD. Electric Banana - well... Here's the track – and a video with a different kind of wandering line illustration:

Mellow Yellow song
Mellow Yellow was one of many euphemisms for LSD - Peace out!

Music by Donovan (1967). Songwriters: Donovan, Phillips Leitch
Mellow Yellow (BBC Session) © Donovan (Music) Ltd.
Animation/MotionGraphics by yours truly...

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