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Kombucha, Kudzu, Kiwi, Kumqwat, Key Lime, Krakatoa, Koala

The origins of Kombucha can be roughly traced back to The Qin Dynasty, which coalesced in China a very long time ago. Kombucha is old stuff. Both are a result of a conglomeration of a bunch of smaller entities - or would that be an agglomeration?

The fermented brew – The Tea of Imortality – is produced by a hybrid entity – a yeast/bacteria blobula – a little like the Jell-O we talked about before – lazily called a Scoby in English – Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast (SCOBY)

" a gelatinous, cellulose-based biofilm or microbial mat found floating at the container's air-liquid interface..." (Wikipedia)

Given its origins, I wonder if the Scoby imagines itself more like a dynasty?

K is for Kombucha from The Qin Dynasty

I feel like that sometimes too... like a gelatinous biofilm floating around at the edge of my own container's inner-outer interface... or maybe I'm more like a Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast – Doing - Being - Doing (SCOBY-Do-Be-Do?)

Cin-Cin. Bottoms up.

The Escape

As always, thanks for reading and indulging!
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