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as in Carquinyolis
The letter C

Cotton candy clouds,
Casting shadows on the ground,
Calmly drifting by.

Carquinyolis from Catalonia

Curiously comfortable cat,
Casual, clever, and cool,
Cunning hunter's act.

Cactus in the sand,
Challenges the arid land,
Calm survivor.

Carquinyolis from Catalonia

From Catalonia's heart,
Carquinyolis ply a sweet art,
Tradition imparts.

*Haikus transmogrified through ChatGPT.

Carquinyolis are Catalan versions of biscotti, similar to Tuscan cantuccini (TasteAtlas.com)

Sooo many C's...

What about Couscous? Camembert? Caipirinha? Chapati?

Maybe this is an opportunity to crack open the beginnings of some dia(b)log...

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Thanks for reading – and for indulging.

¡Buen provecho!